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Asker brielle40 Asks:
In my course of research I have found that I must file a security interest before ucc-1 financing statement. How and where do I go about filing a security interest, or please tell me where i canI find more info on the matter?
creoharmony creoharmony Said:

In the UCC usually references the security agreement but does not need to be included in the filing as an exhibit. Many do as that contains the listed assets.

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Asker gee33 Asks:
a check from a closed checking account with eft only on it and under that it said discharge of debt on the memo line and i endorsed the back(not for deposit eft only for discharge of debt)then signed with the date as authorized rep without recourse then sent it to the bank they never received a physical document it was sent electronically and was deposited and partially used,so almost a week passed and at that time the bank reversed the credit and closed the account after verifiying the closed
creoharmony creoharmony Said:

how was the eft sent electronically if you did all that endorsement on the reverse side?

yes they reverse those close check and if they close the account then that is good. 

Asker sldj124 Asks:
I've been using closed checking account since March 2012. Real estate taxes successfully set off. Mortgages not set off but have returned checks with processing on reverse. Under UCC the obligations are discharged. I have yet to do the administrative process. My question is you mention appointing the CFO as fiduciary of the account and claiming the account. Is this done by way of UCC 1 and UCC 3? If I request a statement of the account won't the EFT's be displayed?
creoharmony creoharmony Said:

thanks for your email. which bank did you use , ie bofa or wellsf?

appt a cfo from the bank, needs a private trust agreement.

a UCC always starts with UCC1 

UCC Article 9 Perfection of Security Interest (by CREO HARMONY)

 GREEN SEIFTER Regards To UCC Article 9 Revised July 1, 2001 

Negotiable Instrument Presentment & Notary Protest (by CREO HARMONY)

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